Which is the best vehicle for exploration

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3 March 2019
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Car vs Bicycle

Which is better for exploration

When you visit a place for first time you want to get the best memories of it. You can explore with a motorized vehicle and you can do it with a bike. Which is best way to remember the most of that new place? Although with a car you can drive more kilometers you just remember some places where you did a stop for a foto and see the view.
The best way to explore a new place is with a bike. You do less kilometers but all your senses are working to the maximum. You have panoramic view and as you move slower you see all the details of the landscape even the smallest flowers. You can smell the fragrant herbs and hear the twits of the birds. If you notice something interesting it is very easy to stop. Even the food and the drinks taste better because you are doing excersize and your body needs it more.


Car vs Bike

Vision -
Smell -
Hearing -
Touch -
Freedom -
Adrenalin -
Shoot fotos -
Memories -
Quiet -
Distance -
Weather elements -
Fitness -
Eco friendly -
Load capacity -
Small kids transfer -
Reach isolated places -