Crete, a cycling friendly destination

Ever since we created our site CyclingCreta and before we even got involved with cycling professionally, our goal has been to promote Crete as a new cycling destination.
We have never stopped striving for this and now we would like to go one step further for this purpose.


Bike friendly cafes

Kafeneio is the heart of the Cretan village. It is the place where the people gather together, discuss the news, get socialized. For the cyclists it is an oasis of coolness during a long ride, a small pause for discussions and micro repairs.

We create our Cyclingcreta bike friendly cafe network. We want to help both cafes to stay alive and cyclists to enjoy their stress free rides in Crete...



The Cycling map of Crete

A unique map for road cycling and outdoor activities in Crete.

Find the best roads for cycling. Discover  the best canyons, the beaches, the caves,  the monasteries, the forests the wineries and many more with unique map.



The roads of Crete

How good are roads of Crete for cycling?

Watch videos from the roads of Crete. See for yourself how good are the roads of the island and get inspired to visit our island with a bike.



The bike regions of Crete

Visit our blog and download cycling routes at the most famous areas of Crete



Bike hotels


Why we do it?

We are locals, we were born in Crete and we live in Crete all year round. We want the best for our island and the people who live here. We grew up in small villages of Crete and these are the places we like to visit more when we ride our bikes.

Unfortunately, the last thirty years the population of Crete has been concentrated on the north coast of the island. The villages are being emptied, shrinking, abandoned. It is heartbreaking to visit villages and see only elderly people and empty or dilapidated houses. Young children are rare. Large villages that used to be full of life today have withered. Most schools are closed.

Cycling and alternative tourism is an excellent way to keep our villages alive and stimulate the countryside. The bike due to the nature of the sport can cover long distances but there is a need for continuous stops for water, food and rest. Cyclists do not set a specific destination as a goal, they enjoy the whole journey. Country roads with low car traffic, beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages are ideal. Frequent stops even in the smallest villages are easy to do and desirable. Famous and crowded tourist destinations do not attract so much interest. On the contrary, those who travel by car aim for a famous, tourist-oriented destination and stop almost nowhere else along the way. But we can enjoy all that Crete has to offer.

We believe that cycling and alternative tourism can keep our villages alive in a way that is friendly to our nature, culture and cociety.