The roads of Crete

are the roads of Crete good for cycling-Are the roads of Crete good for cycling?
Are the roads of Crete good for cycling?
22 December 2020
goat at south crete greece
Sto nero
8 July 2021

The roads of Crete are made for Cycling

#theroadsofcrete is our new series of videos from various roads of Crete island. The purpose of these videos is to show the people and especially the cyclists how good are the roads of Crete.

The most common questions of the cyclists before they visit Crete are:
-What is the quality of the roads of Crete?
-Are the roads of Crete wide or narrow?
-Is there too much traffic?
-What do we see during the ride?. -Are the roads of Crete safe for cycling?
-What to expect when we ride on the mountains through gravel roads?...

You will take an answer of all these questions by watching our videos from the roads of Crete.

The purpose of the videos are not entertaining but informative.



We created the hashtag #theroadsofcrete. Everybody can show on instagram fotos from the roads of Crete

How to use the map and watch the videos

Scroll in or out to see Crete on map. Click on a coloured line on the map, a side bar will arise on the left side of the map.
Click on the foto to watch the video.

---Blue lines (and shades of blue or purple...) are tarmac roads

---Red lines (and shades of red or orange, pink yellow) are dirt roads

---Green lines (or shades of green) are hiking paths.

---Black lines we don't recommend these roads for cyclists, too much traffic. It is better to use alterantives backroads.

Note: We record the videos with gopro action cameras. To edit the videos we use the QUICK application for mobiles.
Some of the videos are recorded with the camera mounted on the roof of a car and some other on the handlebar of a bike.
We prefer to record the videos when we do the road as a downhill because the views are better and we can go faster with the bike. For practical reasons some routes are recorded as uphill.
We do not create videos of all the route, it is boring. The videos are about 60 seconds and show small sections of each road. We are not professional video artists but we try to do our best. If we shoot a better video from any road we will replace the older.<

In order to travel to remote places of Crete to shoot and edit videos takes time. We will not shoot videos upon request and we will not answer emails about the roads of Crete. For more information search in our blog.

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