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How many kilometers is it to ride around Crete
11 January 2023
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The extreme villages of Crete
6 February 2023

What is the altitude range that people in Crete live?


Before the boom of tourism and for more than 1000 years, most of the settlements of Crete were built on the mountains for protection from pirates. Only the big cities with strong walls and cannons to repel the pirates were located next to the sea. The rugged mountains of Crete as big natural castles offered a kind of freedom from the conquerors but at the cost of a hard struggle for survival in barren land.  During the winter months the shepherds used to move lower at places warmers for their flocks and during the warmer summer months they move the flocks higher where there is more grass. 


Later, with the development of tourism the residents of the villages start to move lower to the coastal areas. The small fisherman shelters became big tourist towns.


But where  do the Cretans live today? At the following infographic you can see at which altitude range live the Cretans.