The climb of Kallikratis

the greatest road bike climbs in crete
Crete’s greatest road bike climbs
6 November 2017
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Crete’s most hairpinned roads
25 November 2017

The most hairpinned road of Greece.

Start point
9,10 km
738m ↑ / 4m ↓
Max / Min points
738m/ 4m
35minutes -1h
Finish point


  • Fraggokastelo Castle
  • the killing climb
  • the view of Kalikratis canyon
  • the serpentine road
  • Kallikratis plateau
  • the satisfaction at the finish
  • the breathtaking view


With 30 hairpin turns the narrow zig-zag road that connects Kapsodasos and Kalikratis villages was asphalted just in 2006 and is the most hairpinned asphalt road in Greece and one of the most famous in the world.

This narrow, sharply winding and precipitous climb rarely permits speeds over 10km/h, it is 9 km long and the expected time to ride the whole route for a strong cyclists is more than 35 minutes. It will take you from the sea level to 740 meter high, there are no barriers but the view of Libyan Sea is amazing.

The most spectacular part of the road is a short challenging section of 4km long, with 22 hairpin turns. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 400 meters, and the average percentage is 12%. The inclination at some sections is up to 26%.

The climb starts from Kapsodasos, a small village in Sfakia municipality, southwest Crete, at the foothills of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori). To maximize ascent you can start from Fragokastelo castle and do and some warm up before the killing climb.

The road finishes at Kallikratis village, that is made up of four separated neighborhoods on a small picturesque plateau in Lefka Ori with an altitude of 720-740 meters. During winter months it is often covered with snow. Most of the residents move down to the coastal settlements.

There is almost no traffic as it is situated off the beaten tourist path (locals use the road from Vrise to Sfakia to pass from north to south Crete).

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