Crete’s greatest road bike climbs

nikos kazantzakis for cyclists
Nikos Kazantzakis quotes for cyclists
30 October 2017
kallikratis climb - feature image
The climb of Kallikratis
25 November 2017

Great climbs for great cyclists. Crete's 12 greatest road bike climbs


Great cyclists love challenges. It’s common to dream conquering the most epic mountains. You know how to suffer and want to feel like the heroes of our sport. Hard ascents make you stronger and there is no better feeling than getting to the top of a difficult climb.

We have all watched the pros ascending the legendary climbs of the big races, and hoping that one day we will do the same.

There is no other place as Crete that you can feel like a pro climber. Great weather, great mountains, great views.

Through extensive research we’ve come up with our list of the 12 greatest road bike climbs of Crete. We want to help you explore your way through the most impressive cycling climbs on Crete.

Distance Km Uphill total Downhill total Highest point Start point Vertical height difference Link
Skinakas climb 45,77km 1932m 206m 1745m 13m 1732m more
Migero 38,63km 1766m 251m 1574m 24m 1550m
Kritsa climb 22,28km 1230m 6m 1230m 6m 1224m more
Diplori 22,16km 1208m 72m 1323m 184m 1139m
Sfakia Asfendou 20,58km 1151m 42m 1119m 10m 1109m
Afroditi 18,25km 1119m 11m 1115m 7m 1108m
Seliniotikos Giros 37,55km 1351m 262m 1121m 27m 1094m
Alikianos - Omalos 24,11km 1103m 66m 1134m 65m 1069m
Selena 32,47km 1179m 180m 1037m 36m 1001m
Lochria 16,13km 1039m 40m 1015m 15m 1000m
Krousonas climb 25,73km 1066m 66m 1012m 12m 1000m
Seli Ampelou 26,4km 1014m 136m 893m 18m 878m more


Attention: after every ascent you must return back to the starting point. No matter how exciting and fast is the descent you must be focused on the trail and do not exceed your limits. Accidents happen at the easy part of the route, when you return back and you are tired.