Crete’s most hairpinned roads

kallikratis climb - feature image
The climb of Kallikratis
25 November 2017
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crete's most hairpinned roads Agios-Ioannis-peninsula- kapetaniana

Crete, a climbing paradise for cyclists


All cycling funs can name some of the most famous climbs of the greatest cycling races: Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps; Passo dello Stelvio; Mont Ventux… These are the most exciting stages and the top athletes compete to gain time advantage. Thousands of funs wait at these sections to watch closely the heroes of cycling sport. Some of thseroads have series of hairpin turns climbing up and down the mountainsides.

A hairpin turn is a curve with a very acute inner angle, making it necessary for a bike to turn almost 180°. They are built when a road ascends or descends a steep slope. These bends, also known switchbacks, are named hairpin turns because their similarity to a hairpin/bobby pin.

Crete, an island with very high mountains has many great climbs; some of them follow a collection of never ending turns that can be compared to some of the most beautiful stages of “Tour de France” or “Giro d’Italia”.

Here’s the list of the most hairpinned roads of Crete:

Distance Km Hairpin turnsHighest point Total climb Τerrain Αrea Link
Kapsodasos - Kallikratis9,13km30738m738mroadLefka Oriread more
Kavousi - Thripti23,2km491447m1559mMtbThripti mountain
Koudoumas - Kofinas12,77km291054m1043mmtbAsterousia mountains
Libadas - Koustgerako 15km351272m1211mmtbLefka Ori
Kouroutes - Toumpotos Prinos 11,8km341516m986mmtbPsiloritis
Simi - Omalos Viannou 7,5km311264m470mmtbDikti mountain
Rodakino - Kryoneritis 10,31km281052m923mmtbKryoneritis mountain
Lochria - Psiloritis 10km251866m1301mmtbPsiloritis
Gergeri - Diplori 14,64km241322m1018mroadPsiloritis mountains
Sternes - Kofinas 8,5km241020m720mmtbAsterousia mountains
Ai Giannis - Kapetaniana 7,7km23820m820mmtbAsterousia mountains
Tsoutsouras - Achentria 9,7km23708m703mmtbAsterousia mountains
Asi Gonia 13,88km22824m718mroadLefka Ori
Vistagi 6,7km221102m618mmtbPsiloritis
Sfakia - Ai Giannis 18,6km20790m842mroadLefka Ori
Xerokampos - Ziros 13,61km19685m705mroadSitiaka Ori
Fournes - Zourva 12,2km19824m629mroadLefka Ori
Amigdalokefali 8,1km19543m542mroadWest Crete
Treis Ekklisies 5,8km19526m523mroadAsterousia mountains
Tourloti - Monokara 6,5km18752m437mmtbOrno mountain
Sfakia - Imbros 16,2km16765m775mroadLefka Ori
Loukia - Kapetaniana 9,64km14829m628mroadAsterousia mountainsi


Attention: after every ascent you must return back to the starting point. No matter how exciting and fast is the descent you must be focused on the trail and do not exceed your limits. Accidents happen at the easy part of the route, when you return back and you are tired.