Why Crete is your next cycling training destination

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12 February 2019
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3 March 2019

8 reasons to visit Crete for your cycling and triathlon training


Ease of access

With 2 international airports Crete is connected with most big European Cities. In the next list for example you can see the Airline companies which have flights to Crete only from Germany

source: www.skyscanner.net

Huge Road network

With 8.312 square kilometers of surface Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the biggest in Greece. Here you can find thousands of good quality, wide, paved roads ideal for road cycling.

Caution: Cycling without support vehicle on the Highway is not allowed

The climate

Crete is the southernmost island of Europe. The climate is mild, Mediterranean. The ideal season for cycling is Spring and Autumn. Summers are relatively cool because of the sea breeze and the northern and northwest cool seasonal winds. Winters are mild with many sunny days. Given the extent of the island and the existence of large mountains climatic variations from place to place are big.

In Crete the cycling season lasts 365 days.


Great climbs

Crete is a mountainous place. The half of the island is higher than 500 meters of altitude. Paved roads up to 1750 meters makes it a climbing paridise. With a mix of flat sections, small hills and great mountains this is the island that all type of cyclists will fall in love.


Low traffic

With 75 people per square kilometer Crete's population density is much lower than other famous destinations like Mallorca (232 people per km2), Cyprus (126 people per km2) or Sicilly (194 people per km2). The roads of the mainlad are quite and safe to ride with a road bike especially in Autum, Winter and Spring months.

Caution: Cycling without support vehicle on the Highway is not allowed

Athletes' healthy cuizine

Cretan cuisine is the model of the Mediterranean diet and is considered to be the healthiest in the world. The recipes that come to our day from the depths of the centuries are made with locall, fresh, high quality products. The main ingredients are olive oil, olives, cheese, wild greens, legumes, vegetables, cereals.


Tourism infrastructure

Crete is the most famous touristic destination in Greece and one of the best worldwide. Here you can find from luxury hotels to agritourist residences. Most taverns and cafes are open all year. Three airports (two international), four harbors and regular bus service to the entirety island.

Lyttos beach hotel, the house of Cyclingcreta with two 50 meters heated swimming pools and 1 indoor, is Crete's No1 Sports Hotel and one of the best in Mediterranean sea


It's a brand new cycling destination

Unlike other sunny destinations of the south, Crete is a completetely new unknown place to explore with your bike. New routes, new views, new experiences, less cycling traffic.