The best coffee in Crete

eloundas vrouchas bike tour crete
Elounda Vrouchas
26 August 2016
goat at south crete greece
24 October 2016

where to drink the best coffee in Crete

The mountain bikers know that the best coffee of our life we did not drink it at a luxurious and modern café neither at the piazza of a famous city, we drink it in a small old café located in a village hidden in the mountains of Crete. At a small café where we arrive tired and thirsty after a long ride on the mountains. And as we ride and watched the village from far away we wish to find a cafe to quench our thirst. And the coffee owner an old man or lady who just knew to make Greek coffee, sweet, medium or black but full of love, love for his job and for the strangers who visit the small village. And after the first sip we felt that such a coffee we have never drink before. Tiredness gone, thirst gone and our legs filled with energy and strength to climb the next mountain.

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“Everything that you drink and eat while on the bike tastes better.”

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“Even the landscape is more beautiful when you explore a place by bike. Feel the wind on your face, smell the flowers, taste the fruits, touch the rocks, drink water from a fountain and rest under a tree.”

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