Chamois cream

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Kofinas Tripiti downhill
31 March 2016
kofinas mountain Ai Giannis
Kofinas Ai Giannis downhill
8 April 2016
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Chamois Crème


Every summer when we organize our cycling holidays begins a fever of consultations and continuous phone calls about what each of us will take. How much weighs your bag, how many jerseys did you get, what kind of shoes, do we need shampoo and toothpaste or we will be stinky.

One of the major problems that arise during a bike tour that you have to carry for five days a 7-8 kg bag with all your stuff is that after the second day you can not sit any longer on the saddle. There are many different solutions. A pair of good shorts, a wider and more comfortable saddle or a rear rack.

A solution which was well known to everyone, but we did not use it during our afternoon biking tours in Crete is the "chamois cream". A lubricating cream which protects against the continuous friction on the saddle and does not allow the skin become irritated (external use only).

In 2011 we went to Ikaria island, Alexis who had never tried before this amazing technology persuaded to buy a chamois cream. During the long bike vacation the problem of space and weight are of major importance, so Alexis decided not to take with him the whole package but to put in a smaller tube the amount which would use in five days.

The excursion in Ikaria was a great success not only because we did not have any damage but mainly because of the incredible beauty of the island and the hospitality of the locals. At the end of the tour we were discussing our experiences and the problems. The only one who did not pain his ass was Alexis, who told us about his great cream and that it was better than ours or our expensive shorts.

The day we arrive back at Heraklion Alexis called and told us that accidentally did not get with him the tube with the chamois cream but another one that was on the table next to his stuff. One with paste that removes the scratches from cars paint.