The cyclist of the future

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The stages of cycling
12 February 2018
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16 March 2018
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The cyclist of the future


In recent years, cycling has changed radically. Mountain biking races becomes more and more technical, bicycle geometry is constantly changing, front derailleurs are heading for extinction, and dropper posts are used even on cross country bikes. On the other hand, road bikes are becoming more aerodynamic, comfortable and lighter. Companies have launched a war on who will make the fastest, most comfortable, lightweight and durable bike. But how can we improve bicycles even more? .

In the laboratories of CyclingCreta we created the cyclist of the future, the one who will meet the new demands of the sport, the one who can ride for hours even under the most difficult conditions without getting tired or overwhelmed. Get ready for the future.

Cyclist's head is elongated and only with straight or no hair at all for better aerodynamics.
Mega Eyes Over Wide The eyes of the cyclist are larger, a little higher on the forehead and more oblique. Even in a bowed position the cyclist has a better and wider field of vision. Thanks to cat vision (meow) he can see in dark without lights.
3 Shadow Ears Plus
The ears do not protrude from the head for better aerodynamic and sharp hearing of 360o. The cyclist can accurately assess the direction from which each sound originates, as also its distance from him and the speed at which the object moves.
Longer neck that can rotate 270 degrees like the owl to control what happens behind him (cars or competitors cyclists). The muscles of the neck are more muscular to better support the head in the continuous bowed position.
Small himp on the back for storage of up to 1.3 liters of water and energy enough for a 4-hour cycling. The hump protects the thoracic vertebrae when falling.
62 Peace Clavicula
The clavicle is now consists of two connected bones and muscles, that can make slight decline.The probability to brake the collar bone from a fall is now zero, the extra muscles offer comfort when currying the bike and the cyclist can close his shoulders and improve his aerodynamics.
7Narrow Long
The torso is longer and narrower to cope with the new longer geometry of the bikes and for better aerodynamics.
More Oxygen More Energy Because of the larger chest, the lungs capacity has increased by 20% and consequently more oxygen is delivered to the muscles.
The skin on the shoulders and thighs is super durable with extra coat of tiny hairs that protect it from abrasions, tears and scratches in the event of a fall and dragging on the road surface. A similar technology but with some extra padding of fat is applied on the bottom of the rider. the cycling shorts with padding are useless now.
Mesospondylus AntiVibrationThe intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine have double thickness for extra comfort and protect the spine from vibration making full suspension bikes unnecessary. The dorsal muscles are stronger to support the bowed seating position.
11Rapid Fire Thumb
Stronger and quicker thumb and index finger of the right hand due to extinction of the front derailleur.
Greater bladder capacity which eliminates the need to pee during a long race
Shorter Stronger Faster Legs The cyclist has shorter, but more muscular and stronger legs, in addition to more power, they give a lower center of gravity. The dropper post is useless and the aerodinamic better. The ability of more strides increases the running running despite the legs length reduction.
Perfect Tanning Melanin Transporters Molecules on the surface of the skin that transfer the melanin which is produced on the legs and hands from the constant exposure to the sun to the rest of the body for even tanning.
15Miniscus Tubanos
Extra boosted meniscus that is not worn by the constant movement of knees during cycling or running.
16Silk Skin
Microscopic but more hair skin-colored, so that you do not need shaving. More bristles offer better insulation against weather elements and faster swimming.
17Frog Foot
A Membrane bitween the toes for more faster swiming
Following the technology of bird the bones of the cyclist are hollow but extremely strong reducing the skeletal weight by 15%.
All the above are not a conclusion of scientific research, but an article aimed at entertaining our readers.

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