Terms & Conditions

Your responsibilities

We organize mountain bike tours that involve the element of risk to your body integrity and your life and it is your responsibility to ride with care at all times. Your participation in a cycling tour is at your own risk. You should walk where you are not confident to ride. It is a condition of participating in our tours that you will wear an approved safety helmet while riding the bike.

If you bring your own bike you are responsible for keeping it in good working order. If you hire a bike from us you must notify us of any defects as soon as possible. It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that at all times the wheels are correctly secured tightly into the frame and are regularly checked by you for looseness. We can take no responsibility for any death or injury caused to or by you, or damage to or loss of property. You should keep valuables and your passport safely with you at all times. There is a natural need to be flexible in a tour of this kind. The day to day agenda as advertised may change. It is fundamental condition of joining our tour that you accept this flexibility, and acknowledge that delays and alterations and their subsequent results, such as inconvenience, discomfort, or disappointment, are possible.

Traveler Code

  1. I will always wear a helmet while riding.
  2. I have chosen a tour that suits my abilities, level of fitness, and state of health.
  3. I do not have any physical conditions or disabilities that are a hazard for me or other participants.
  4. I understand the weather is out of our control.
  5. I will respect the laws and the customs of the country that I have visited.
  6. I comply with the instructions of the cycling leader along the bike route that I will participate.
  7. I will respect the environmental guidelines and regulations while on the tour.
  8. I will respect the rights and privacy of other tour participants.
  9. I understand that traveling within a group involves diverse desires, travel goals, personalities, and physical abilities of all group members. Cyclingcreta guides may be required to improvise and exercise good faith, use discretion and/or make decisions based upon group consensus. These decisions may not always please each individual, but are intended to satisfy the larger desires of the group.
  10. I understand that Cyclingcreta reserves the right to refuse service during a tour to anyone whose health or behavior could impede the welfare or enjoyment of the other participants. An individual may be asked to leave a tour if the guide feels that the person's continuing participation may prove harmful to the individual or the group.
  11. I understand that low traffic roads mean access to medical facilities and evacuation services may be limited.
  12. I will not wear headphones while riding.
  13. I will drink alcohol responsibly.
  14. I have a valid passport and all visas, permits, certificates, and vaccinations required for travel.