What is the best bike multi tool?

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How to choose the perfect multi tool for yout rides

Have you ever wonder if there is a bike toll which has all the essential features that you need for your bike. Do you feel that your new super fancy multi tool with the numerous functions has some useless for your bike tools or that something is missing?

After so many years of mountain and road cycling hundends of damages has happened to me and my teammates. Sometimes my tools was insufficient to repair a mechanical problem and sometimes altough I had a tool it was very difficlt to use it. I have used many different moulti tools and I have finally decided which is the best tool to carry on the ride.

It is important not only to have a good quallity tool with many functions but also a tool which is easy to use. A tool which has all the important functions that you need to service the bike which you ride this specific time. A tool that it is easy to add a new feature when you buy a new part or to abolish a feature that you do not need any more.

Why to use a tool with Torx® wrenches when your bike has no Torx screw. Some of the latest bikes do not even have any screw whith Philips or Flat head. Why to use a tool with open wrench when most modern bikes has no hexagonal nut at all. Why to have only one small integrated tyre level when most of the times you need 2 or 3 of them with enough leverage power to fit a tyre. Why to use a bottle opener if you never drink and finally why to use a tool that it is so bulky that it is dificult to use?
Topeak Alien II, a superb quality do-it-all multi-tool with 31 functions. Unfortunatelly 14 of them are useless for my bike. Some of them are difficult to use like the 2mm L-shape allen key or the tyre levels. The tool is so bulky that I can not use at some inaccessible screws of my bike.
This is a difficult place to use a bike multi tool to adjust the height of your seat position .
The chain breaker of the Topeak mini 20 Multi tool. Who needs four different spoke wrenches for his bike?

The perfect multi tool

A mini ratchet wrench for bits with extension and chain braker, this is the perfect tool for your rides. It is easy to use, fast and versatile.
You can use the ratchet with several different ways for easier access to screws, for extra leverage or rapidity. You can use it like screw driver or T-handle. The small head can fit everywhere, the extension gives extra length and with the ratchet function you can work in narrow places.
You can choose only the bits that you need for your bike.
Use only tyre levels that will really work when you need them.
If you believe that you can fix a loose or broken spoke during a ride find one wrench which is compact and fits your spokes
For the carbon lovers there are also also available mini torque wrenchs
The last years there is a big offer of small rachets. Some companies offer combinations of tool bags with bike specific tools, ratchets and bits. Some of them seems to be identical (personally I use the Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite with chain breaker but the Syncros and Granite rachets which I have used also looks like they are made in the same factory). I recomend that you will buy one tool with reversible ratchet at one side and the other side can be used like a screw driver. I don reccoment mini tools with integrated rachet.

Attention: if you use the ratchet with the 6-8-10mm allen bits be carefull with the torque power that you use, you may destroy the ratchet mechanism or the break the tool.

For a small weight penalty and pricer you can buy a more robust and better quality ratchet from a tools manufacturer like Facom
This is a post for the multi tool that I use for my daily every day rides. For long epic mountainbike rides or multi day adventures you need more tools and extra spare parts.