What’s included in a professional mountain bike guide’s backpack


What's included in a professional mountain bike guide's backpack

A professional mountain bike guide is not just a person that guides you to the most secret and beautiful places of the destination that you want to visit so that you will experience an authentic and unique bike adventure. A mountain bike guide have to be prepared to solve all the problems that may occur during the tour, service the mechanical problems of the bikes, take care of small injuries. A mountain bike guide should curry lots of spare parts, tools and a fully equipped first aid rescue box in the backpack and the most important to have the knowledge how to use them.


  • mini pump
  • emergency suspension pump without gauge
  • co2 pump for the tubeless tyres
  • Toolbox
  • extra minitool
  • mini pliers
  • tyre levels
  • mini cassette tool
  • plastic gloves (one use)
  • shimano hollotech bolt extractor

Spare parts

  • extra tubes
  • spare derailleur hanger
  • crankset bolts
  • extra valve for tubeless rims
  • extra air fork valve
  • extra bolts of different dimensions
  • chain connectors 9 speed and 10 speeds
  • chain pins 9 speed and 10 speeds
  • inner tube repair kit
  • tyres repair kit
  • tubeless tyres repair kit
  • spare spd cleats
  • bolts for spd cleats

Bike maintenance

  • chain oil
  • 50 ml UST tyre sealant

Hygiene-first aid

  • pocket napkins
  • wet napkins
  • fully equipped first aid Kit
  • mini energy gels
  • cleaning napkins for glasses


  • knife
  • flashlight
  • tire ups
  • wire saw
  • plastic tape
  • nail cutter (we use it to extract the thorns of the tyres)
  • whistle