theentrance of podilatis bikes Heraklion Crete
Podilatis bikes
13 May 2016
dikti mountains & lasithi plateau
Lasithi climb
18 May 2016
theentrance of podilatis bikes Heraklion Crete
Podilatis bikes
13 May 2016
dikti mountains & lasithi plateau
Lasithi climb
18 May 2016

the beauty of the south

Start point
28 km
1050m ↑ / 1050m ↓
Max / Min points
640m / 0m
Finish point


  • The breathtaking view of Libyan sea
  • The narrow canyon of Tripiti
  • The naked and rocky Asterousia mountains
  • The café stop next to the sea
  • The scent of the thymes
  • The downhill from 640 meters to the sea
  • The ride next to the sea
  • The wild goats
  • The small tavern at Vasiliki village


The naked and wild Asterousia Mountains rise as a big rocky wall at the south side of Heraklion region. Α very good reason to train yourself more and be stronger is to pass this barrier and reach the beautiful beaches of the south. Tripiti is one of the few canyons that you can pass through with a bike which leads to a small but extremely beautiful beach that most locals do not know.

The combination of the rocky mountains, the fast downhill, the scent of thyme and sage bushes and the view of Libyan sea is unique. But it is not only about the amazing landscape and the breathtaking downhill. The crystal clear water of Tripiti beach and a coffee under the shadow of the trees at Mathios tavern is an experience that you cannot buy with money. And at the end when you arrive back at Vasiliki village Maria will offer you the best traditional meze in Crete. The highlight of the tour the pass through Tripitis canyon. No one can pass this canyon and go directly to the beach. Everybody rides through the canyon again and again.

Tip: Our recommendation is to do this bike tour from mid April until the end of October when the taverns at Tripiti beach are open. At the 1st of September celebrates the small church Panagia Tripiti in a cave just 200 meters from the beach. The locals from the villages of Mesara plain come to church and then they do a small fiesta at the tavern.

Alternative: If you want to enjoy the beauty of this tour but you want to do an easier tour you can ride the shorter tour. Just 24 kilometers distance and 650meters of total uphill. Instead to go up to 640 meters (from Koumasa village) follow the road that the locals use to go to Tripiti. The uphill ( as also the downhill) is shorter ans easier. You will be impressed by the cliffs of Agios Savas canyon and you will pass through Tripitis canyon.

Attention: The days with heavy rain do not pass through the narrow canyon.

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Dirt road

Single track

Carrying / pushing

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