Skinias Dermatos
8 March 2016
tigania-mountain bike tour rethymno Crete

Amazing plateaus at the north slopes of Psiloritis mountain

Start point
39 km
1380m ↑ / 1380m ↓
Max / Min points
1081m / 70m
Finish point


  • the small creek to Margarites village
  • Sfakonero canyon
  • Gerolakos plateau
  • Tigania Plateau
  • the wild rocky mountains
  • the huge perennial oak trees
  • the amazing view
  • the singletrail to Avdellas village


The first word of the shepherd that we met on the dirt road after Kynigianna village was "on the first ascent you will die" and he did not say lies. Difficult mountain bike tour at the north roots of Psiloritis mountain with many steep uphills. At some sections some riders will push the bikes, but the wild beauty of the landscape and the spectacular view of the northern coast of Rethymno will compensate them.

From the beginning to the finish the scenery is breathtaking. The road by the creek under the trees leading to Margarites village, the picturesque villages, the Sfakonero canyon, the plateaus Gerolakkos and Tigania, the full of stones but fantastic path to Avdella.

We did this cycling tour for first time on May 13 one day before St. Therapon celebration. There is also homonymous church in the village Keramota. We arrived at the church while finishing the evening prayer and once again we confirmed how hospitable the Cretans are.

Tigania is a small plateau about 1100 meters over the sea level west of the summit Nefrolytis. It belongs to the village Agios Mamas and used as pasture. On a hill in the plateau there is the small church of Agios Konstantinos.

Tip: After Kynigianna village there is no fountain with water, it is recommended to carry at least two Iiters of water.
Attention: Always close the doors - fences that you pass.
Villages we visit: Perama, Tzanakiana, Margarites, Pigouniana, Kinigiana, Avdelas, Keramota, Choumeri, Dafni

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Dirt road

Single track

Carrying / pushing

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