The noise of the summer

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21 July 2016
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Avdou Kera Apotiposi
31 July 2016
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The sweet noise of the summer

If you are lucky to spend your holidays in Crete you will find that the chrachteristic sound of the summer is a continuous tz tz tz tz tz that comes from the trees and interapts the serenity of the noon. For some people it is an anoiing unstopable noise that does not let them to relax or sleep. For the people who love nature, like cyclists, it sounds as a sweet melody and reminds them that it is hot

It is the sing of the cicadas. The tettix of ancient Greeks or the tzitzikas for the modern Greeks

According to the myth ancient Greek goddess Io fall in love with Tythonous, a very beautiful mortal young man. She begged Zeus to give him immortality but she forgot to ask for eternal youth. The years passed by and Io was still young and beautiful but Tythonus was very old and ugly people could hear only his voice. Gods felt pity for him and transform him to the insect that makes this loud noise.

In the ancient fable of Aesop "Cicada and Ant" the lazy cicada is sleeping and singing all the summer while the hardworking ant was collecting food. When the winter comes the ant enjoys the food in his warm nest but the cicada is hard to survive.
Watch the amazing video of Samuel Orr for the life of cicadas that live 17 years under the ground.
source: wikipedia