The high mountains of Crete

cyclists ride fat bike from haraso to Eleousas monastery
Gouves Haraso
4 May 2016
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Podilatis bikes
13 May 2016


Crete is a very mountainous island. The 48,91% of the island are areas higher than 400meters. The areas between 200 and 400 meters occupy the 28,55% of the island. Only the 28,54% of the island is lower than 200meters.

In east Creta dominates the Dikti mountain with three summits over 2000 meters (highest Spathi 2148 meters). Mount Psiloritis (Psilo Oros = tall mountain) or Idi at Rethymnon region is the highest summit of Crete (Timios Stavros peak 2456m). The most impressive and voluminous mountains are Lefka Ori (White mountains) at western area of Crete with more than 36 peaks over 2000 meters dozens of canyons and the deepest caves in Greece ( highest peak Pachnes 2452m).

The high mountains of Crete are better to explore on foot, for mountain bikers and road cyclist the mountains of Crete (higher than 1200meters altitude) are very difficult to tame. The highest point you can reach with a mountain bike is 2017 meter at the south of White mountains. The highest point you can reach with a road bike is Skinakas summit 1735m, where is located and the observatory of the University of Crete. The highest pass from north to south is the road from Nida plateau to Rouvas forest (Anogia village to Gergeri village), highest point 1600 meters.

Summits of Crete higher than 2000 meters


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