The downhills of Kofinas mountain

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17 March 2016
kofinas koudoumas
Kofinas Koudoumas downhill
30 March 2016
kofinas and cyclist long

The downhills of kofinas mountain.

Asterousia Mountains extend from West to East along the South coast of Heraklion creating a steep stone wall between the sea and the plain of Messara. Asterousia compared to other mountains of Crete are not so majestic and imposing. Kofinas the highest peak (1231m) looks like dwarf in front of the peaks of Mount Ida (Psiloritis), White Mountains and Dikti, with peaks over than 2000 meters.

But although they are not so huge they are extremely beautiful. On the south side of Kofinas due to the microclimate of the area there is a fantastic pine forest, all the rest is a treeless mountain landscape with scattered bushes and small cultivated plateaus. The southern slopes are very steep with many cliffs which nest the vulture and the bearded vulture. There are many caves and gorges, ending in small sandy beaches. The view is breathtaking.

The ancient inhabitants of Crete, the Minoans were impressed by Kofina and at the top built a Sanctuary. Christians chose the isolated caves and gorges to become monks. For mountain bikers Kofinas is also a holy place. There is no other mountain in Crete from which start so many beautiful and endless downhills.

Starting from the top junction between Kapetaniana and Paranimfi villages we will do some of the most impressive downhills in Crete and of the few that end down to the sea.
Distance Downhill Uphill
Kofinas koudoumas 15,41km 1108m 78m
Kofinas Ai Giannis 12,87km 1071m 26m
Kofinas Treis Ekklisies 16,73km 1125m 83m
Kofinas Tripiti 17,4km 1141m 83m
Kofinas Panagia 10km 751m 6m
Kofinas Sternes 9,12km 739m 4m