The best map of Crete

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2 October 2021
Crete did it first
30 August 2022

The best map of Crete for cycling, outdoor activities, and alternative tourism.

A map to promote the outdoor tourism in Crete, support the small villages and help to extend the tourist season.

An effort to create a good map for cyclists ended with the best, most accurate and most useful map of Crete. A map that is not only for cycling tourism, but at the same time for wine tourism, religious tourism, mountaineering, canyoning, speleology, climbing tourism... and many more.

A map to give a little help to the hinterland of Crete to develop tourism. The treasure of Crete and its great advantage is the nature, geography, climate, history, cultural heritage, the Cretan cuisine. Everyone can benefit through the development of alternative tourism all year round. Our purpose is to help our villages stay alive.

Detail of Zaros village. An area famous for hiking and alternative tourism. See the detail, Pine tree forests and Oak tree forests are depicted with different tree symbol.

Detail of the new airport of Kasteli and the road which are under construction.


Detail from Hersonissos area.

Detail from Psiloritis mountain.

Detail of Kapetania village and Asterousia mountains. An area full of outdoor activities.


Map Legend. Icons and symbols.

The map is user friendly and fun. We use many different symbols, icons, colors and fonts. Reading the map is easy and interesting without getting tired from the many information. All points of interest are displayed with different symbols so that they are easy to find.

As a basis for our map we used the open street maps which we completed, modified and enriched in our own unique way.

Other sources:
Google earth