Find your answer below for any question you have about our tours

1Which are the minimum and maximum age limit for your tours?
The minimum age limit is 7 years old for the very easy tour (level 1). This limit is based on our experience and the fact that kids do lots of sports (cycling, soccer, gymnastics etc). We have available all bike sizes. The oldest rider we had was 78 years old for the easy tour and he was very active
2How big are the groups?
Every guided mountain bike tour consists of 2 (minimum) to 12 (maximum) participants, depending on the type of MTB tour.
3How fast is the pace of the group?
The pace of each tour is easy or moderate, depending of the tour. The purpose of our tours is to discover Crete and have fun. We do not press the rides and wait for the slower. It is important for you to choose the right tour for your level of fitness. Check here the levels description off our mtb tours.
4Do you provide pick up and drop off service?
Yes check here our shuttle service area.
5When we start and when we are back?
The morning tours start between 8:30 and 9:30 depending on the season and the area of Crete that we go. We come back between 13:00 to 16:00. the afternoon tours start after 18:00 and finish around 22:00- 23:00. During the morning tours we have snacks. At the end of the afternoon tours we have dinner.
6What should I bring along on a tour?
It will be more comfortable for you if you wear sport clothes that evaporate sweat faster and outdoor or sport shoes. The optimal is to wear cycling jersey and pants with padding. Avoid jeans and sandals. Wear sunglasses and in Spring and Autumn have a wind stopper with you. Bring also your cell phone sun-protection, photo-camera or action-camera.
7How much do you charge for bike delivery?
You can check here the areas of our bike delivery service
8Are there discounts for big families and groups?
Yes. These depend on the number of participants. Please contact us by email for your special price.
9What is included in the price of a tour package?
  • mountain bike
  • helmet gloves
  • platform or shimano spd pedals
  • water bottle
  • local guide
  • coffee and snack stop
  • pick up and drop off from hotels at Hersonissos, Analipsi and Gouves. See the map
10Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes! All riders must wear a helmet. Safety is our number one importance. You can use your one helmet or you can use, for free, one of our clean specialized helmets. We can supply you also with gloves. If you do not wear a helmet you can not participate our bike tours. It is highly recommended to wear and sunglasses, they will protect your eyes from the sun, insects, dust and branches.
11Where do we meet?
The tours starts from our bike center at Lyttos beach hotel. We choose the bike, the equipment and then we drive to the starting point of the tour with our Vehicle. See here for details of the shuttle service.
12How much water do I have to carry with me?
Before we start the tour we supply you with bottled water in sport bottle. You can have one or two bottles (free of charge). The larger frame size bikes are equiped with two bottle cages. During the tour we do a coffe stop where we refill the bottles, for the longer tours there is an extra stop at a fountain with fresh water from the mountain.
13Should I bring energy bars and gels?
During the tour we do a coffee and snack stop. We taste some local meze which is more than enough for the rest of the tour. We recommend to have a light breakfast in the morning.
14Do we have photo stops?
Yes, we do frequently stops for photos photos to talk about Ctrete and take a rest. During the tour we take lots of photos of which se send to you (no extra charge).
15Am I insured?
We recommend you have travel insurance covering for outdoor activities as you are required to undertake full responsibility concerning any unexpected accidents.
16During which period do you organize tours?
Cyclingcreta organizes daily mountain bike tours in Crete from the 20th of March until 15th of November. It is also possible to organize MTB tours for groups during the winter months.
17What if it rains?
During the spring and Autumn tours we recommend to bring breathable waterproof or windproof jacket as there is a small possibility to rain. In the summer rain is rare but if it happens it is very comfortable for cycling. If we have heavy rain during the tour we stop at a cafe or shelter until it stops.
18What is the best time of the year for biking on Crete?
The best seasons for cycling are autumn and spring when the temperature is cycle friendly. During the summer we start cycling earlier in the morning we ride slower, do more stops and drink lots of water. Especially for the summer we have created cycling tours on the big mountains where the temperatures are lower.
19Do you organize night tours?
Yes in the summer when the temperature is higher we organize and afternoon-night tours. This romantic easy tours start in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains with the daylight. We do some easy easy section with very strong bike lights and at the end we stop at traditional taverns and taste some original Cretan meze.
20Can I use my own mountain bike?
You are welcome to bring your own bike ( A discount of 10 euros from each tour will be made). Car transfer can be arranged for you and your bike as well as storage and service at our base. Your bike must be in good working condition and bring any special equipment required for it. We recommend to service your bike before travel to Crete.
21Can I make a last minute reservation?
If you visit us at our bike center in Lyttos Beach hotel you can do a reservation even at 19:00 in the afternoon one day before, as long as there are free posts and available bikes.