What is a giveaway?

In Cyclingcreta bike center we have lots of cycling parts that we do not need or do not use anymore. All this items we give them for free to our followers.

Example 1: All the canyon mountain bikes we buy come with continental tyres that are not tubeless or tubeless ready. Before we use the bikes we change the tyres as in Crete we want only tubeless tyres for our bikes. All coninental tyres we giveaway are new.
Example 2: Most of the bikes we buy come with a topeak torque tool. We have so many that we can not use them all. So give them for free.
Everytime we have items that are in excellent or good condition but useless for us we will give them for free.

a) Compact and lightweight items can be send worldwide.
b) Bulkier and heavier items will be sent only within Greece.
c) Bigger items will not send per post. You can pick them only from our bike center at Hersonissos