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three road cyclists pass through the goniano canyon of Crete
The roads of Crete
5 June 2021
open water triathlon swimming-min
Lyttos Test Triathlon 5/9/2021
3 August 2021
goat at south crete greece

The wild goats are get trapped at the water


Crete is a very mountainous island, there are 3 great massifs and many other smaller mountains. The 41% of the island is higher than 400meters of altitude. The forest land and pastures are much more than the agricaltural land.

At these mountains wild deer were grazing thousand of years before. When the humans came they hunt them all, and then they brought the sheep and goats. Now Crete is a paridise for these domestic animals.

Most of these goats and sheepd are not stabled. Although sheep graze outside, every eneving they return back to the stable. The goats form the other side are more independet animals, they prefer to liver in smaller flocks and overnight on the mountains. Most of them live in a semi wild condition. The shepherds keep these wild goats only for their meat not for the milk.


But how the shepherds catch these wild goats?

Do they shoot them? Can they run so fast like the goats and catch them? Nothing of the above . The shpherds catch the goats at the water. And this is how they do it.

-The shepherds place a high fence around the watering troughs.
-They place a ramp so that the goats can easily enter the watering area.
-The fence is very high so that goats can not jump over it.