Triathlon motivational events

with the support of CyclingCreta and Lyttos beach Hotel


Test triathlon is not an official race. It is an event for experienced triathletes and beginners alike, to simulate a triathlon race and test their progress. TEST triathlon is a motivational event for people who want to start this amazing sport but are hesitant to try.


Triathlon is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, with countless races organised every year. Crete presents a unique opportunity not only for racing but also for training all year round. This is why we bring you the unique experience of a triathlon race simulation, in an incredible location!


We take care of the whole organisation so that you can enjoy your TEST triathlon. We organise and delimit the swimming route or provide you the use of the Olympic sized swimming pool (depending on weather conditions). We set up the transition zones, and define the running and cycling routes. We have all the equipment that you need, bike stands, boxes, mechanical support and a lot of space to organise your triathlon.


During the test triathlon you can compete against yourself and against other athletes, check your progress, improve your times, do better transitions, live the thrill of a triathlon and prepare mentally yourself for your next race. Most importantly, you can enjoy a great sporting event in a world class location!


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1Is there time recording or athletes tracking during the event?
A test triathlon is not an official race and there is no official time recording service.
2Are the roads closed for the cars?
No the roads are open for the car. All athletes have to ride their bikes carefully and according with traffic rules. The riders must stop and check for cars before they cross junctions (when the cycling route is performed on streets with cross junctions).
3Are there feeding stations on cycling and running routes?
There are no Refreshment/aid station on route except the transition zone. All athletes have to bring at the transition zone all energy snacks they need for the event.
4Are the bikes and my stuff secured while I do the other sports?
The transition zone is located next to our bike center with surveillance to leave the bikes and your stuff while you do the sports.
5Is there Technical and Medical assistance during the race?
There is Technical and Medical assistance only at the transizion zone.
6Are there changing rooms?
At the transition zone inside the hotel there are cloakroom for the athletes to change clothes as also toilets.
7Is there parking area for our cars?
There are many parking places outside of the hotel. The parking places inside the hotels are for the guests of Lyttos beach hotel.
8Is there massage service available?
Inside Lyttos beach hotel operates a spa center which also offers massage (extra cost).
9Is there Medical insurance?
All participants are required to have their own medical insurance?
10Is there a prize for the finishers?
No. The event is a triathlon race simulation to test your progress and not an official race. There is no prizr or medal for the finishers.
11Can I do the test triathlon with a team?
No, all participants have to do all the sports. Test triathlon is an event to test your progress on triathlon sports and not on one sport as a part of a team.
12Can I participate only on one or two sports ?
No, test-triathlon is orginized for those who want to test their progress on all triathlon sports.