Skinakas Climb with the support of Cyclingcreta

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Dare the greatest and most imposing road climb in Crete with the support of the Cyclingcreta team.

Test your legs and ride beyond your limits, climb to the highest point that one can reach in Crete by road bike.

The ascent will take place on Saturday 10/10/2020. Meeting point Gazi junction (Kokkinidis statue). Meeting time 8:00-8:40.

During the ascent, there will be a support car in which the participants can leave their windproof vest, sandwiches or bars in a bag, which they will pick up at the top of Skinakas. In the support car there will be service equipment floor pump, tools and bottled water 500ml which we provide free of charge.

Meeting point - Start: Gazi interchange (Kokkinidis statue). To avoid overcrowding and to cover the differences in speed depending on the group, we please those who are slower to come at 8:00 and leave their stuff in the car before they start. The strongeer riders can come later until 8:45 Then the car will go to Anogia.

First stop: Anogia, at the gas station just before the village. The car will wait at this place from 9:40 till 10:10 (30 minutes).

Here you can get water from the car (or from the gas station soft drinks or water and then start for the Top.

Finish: Skinakas summit. The support car will remain here from 10:15 till 12:00.

Because the asphalt road from the Observatory back to Anogia is not very good at some places, all the riders are advised to ride carefully when returning back. On the way back the car will wait in Anogia until all the cyclists return safely. The return to Heraklion will done without support car.

*If someone is tired and can not climb to the top have to return back, she/he can not use the car to climb to the top. The car will only be used to transfer the windshields, water, bars or sandwiches in order the cyclists to climb without carrying extra weight and to help in case of emergency.

For the personal safety of athletes and public health reasons, everyone who join us at the starting point in Gazi and the finish point at Skinakas to keep the minimum distances and wear a mask when necessary. The start will be from 8:00 to 8:40 so there is no overcrowding.

All cyclists participate at their own risk, they must follow the rules of safe driving and not ride in pairs.The car traffic is carried out normally along the entire length of the ascent.

For safety reasons, because we ride on a road with car traffic and pass through villages if you want to compete each other or improve your time in STRAVA you can do it from Anogia to the Top.

In the car there will be a garbage bag ( for bottles, bags, etc.).

All cyclists can participate with road or gravel bikes.

Participation fee: zero

Skinakas climb fro Anogia segment

Skinakas climb from Gazi segment


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