Shimano freehub service tool

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18 April 2020
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21 April 2020

DIY Shimano Freehub body tool

This is a self made tool which I first made in 2015 to open and service the shimano freehubs. My first attempts to service some freehubs was not as saccesful as I wanted. Although the freehub was serviced (chaned all the tinny balls and relubricate the interior) there was no play anymore, but I did not like the sound of the freehub when spinning.

Considering that the cost of a new shimano freehub (for a simple rear hub) is about 8-15€ I did not used the tool for many years.

Lately some of my CUBE reaction E-bikes had some play at the cassete and I decided to change the freehubs. Unfortunatelly I could find the spare part online and the local importeur could not find also spare parts for a Shimano FH-TX505 hub (I could not even find a new same hub). So I decided to find and test again my tool.

This time I can say that I manage to service the freehubs perfectly and and the wheels performs like new.
Although this is a tool for professinal mechanikers it is very simple to make it.


How I made the tool

To make the tool I used the Parktool FR-8 tool. This is a heat treated alloy steel tool and it is used to removes four-notch freewheels from flip-flop BMX hubs with 30 x 1mm threads (cost new 13-15€).
All the frazing work was done by a professional lathe machinist.

In order to fit the freehub body screw the outer diameter of the tool was reduced to 28.8mm. The two of the 4 knobs was cutted with an angle grinder (the two remaining knobs fit perfectly the freehub screw). The lower protruding edge was also frazed with the lathe (cost 10€).
Lately I found a similar tool on banggood for 13,5€ from a chinese suplier. Considering the qualliy of Parktool products and the fact that you can find the original FR-8 tool at your local shop I recomend to make your own DIY tool.