Selena round

dikti mountains & lasithi plateau
Lasithi climb
18 May 2016
washers & cable ties
cable ties and bikes
1 June 2016
dikti mountains & lasithi plateau
Lasithi climb
18 May 2016
washers & cable ties
cable ties and bikes
1 June 2016


Start point
81 km
1704m ↑ / 1704m ↓
Max / Min points
1044m / 12m
Finish point


  • Selinari canyon & the vultures
  • the small picturesque villages
  • the lactic acid in your legs
  • the great climbs with amazing view
  • the famous Lasithi plateau
  • the view from ambelos
  • the fast downhill
  • the sto at Mochos village


Selena mountain (highest summit 1558m) which dominates at the north east side of Dikti massif is one of the impressive mountains surrounding Lasithi Plateau, the largest and most famous plateau in Crete.

A route of 81 km and 1704m total climb around Selena is a challenge of strength and endurance even for advanced road cyclists but also a pleasure for all the senses and an excellent opportunity to experience this side of Crete especially for those who visit thr island for first time and want to see Lasithi Plateau.

Our suggestion is to do this bike route clockwise so that you do a warm-up before the big ascent and then climb up to Lasithi plateau from a road with less traffic and mid slopes.

The section of the route from Malia to Neapoli from the old road through Vrahassi although adds more uphill meters is more beautiful, picturesque and safer because you avoid the highway.

The Ascent from Neapoli to Lasithi plateau is a delight. The road is wide and the terrain excellent, without steep slopes, less traffic and lots of places to refill the Bottles with water. The scenery with the small picturesque villages, the rocky Katharo Mountain, the deep valley and the view of Merabello Gulf is magnificent. And the return, after passing the famous Lasithi Plateau is an amazing fast downhill on a serpentine road with breathtaking view. Attention at this part of the route ride more carefully as this is the busiest road to the plateau.

At the end before the last descent back to Stalida you must stop at Mochos, the village with the most beautiful square in Crete for a fresh orange juice.

...and explore Crete from your own!


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Dirt road

Single track

Carrying / pushing

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