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19 December 2016
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23 December 2016
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Pithos and Kapriko

Start point
26,5 km
291m↑ /291m ↓
Max / Min points
431m / 296m
Finish point


  • pure nature
  • the small villages
  • the cafes shops
  • the olive trees


The area of Kastelli, Thrapsano and Voni in Pediada province is a relatively flat area for Crete. Cycling in this area is easy and we recommend it to those who have recently started the cycling sport. There are no steep uphills and there are many options to shorten the bike tour.
The spots we climb on a hill to enjoy the view are not many, but the view of the Dikti mountains, the beautiful villages, the olive groves and the tranquility of the countryside worth the effort.
The archeological site of Galatas is not open to visitors. The view from the hill of Galatas is panoramic but the uphill although short is steep.
In all villages there are small taverns or even a cafe to stop and rest. In Thrapsano most cafes are closed in the morning (especially in the central square, which is the best place to stop).
It is worth to do this route on July 1 as at Galatas they orginize the Kapriko fiesta, delicacy of the area for which is famous the village. Also on July 16, the eve of of St. Marina thousand religious people visit Voni because of the monastery.
Kapriko is a traditional way to cook pork in Crete (Capros is the male pig). The meat is cut into large pieces, braised in ovens with wood and is very tasty and crispy. The best way to visit Galatas or Voni and taste this delicacy without the fear that you may get a heart attack is by bike.
If you want to buy a pithos from Thrapsano it is better to go by car

...and explore Crete on your own!


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Dirt road

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