Flexible, multi-day, self-guided EPIC bike adventure at the very best of Crete with the support of CyclingCreta.


Only for experienced mountain bikers

Transcrete is a selection of our favorite mountain bike tours at the three most beautiful mountains of Crete that encompasses the best features of this mythic island. Enjoy swimming at the most beautiful beaches, taste the famous Cretan cuisine and explore the unique biodiversity. Every tour and a completely different experience.

What makes it special 

Ride at the best trails of the three most spectacular mountains of Crete. Dikti mountains, Asterousia mountains, Piloritis mountains. Ride as many as possible offroad trails and visit the most scenic landscapes of Crete. Avoid the touristic places and visit places of the beaten bath.


During this mountain bike adventure, you will ride...

5-7 unique tours at the best mountains of Crete
See amazing canyons
Taste the authentic Cretan cuisine at traditional taverns
Visit the 2 biggest forests of Crete
Swim at different beaches
Stay at the most picturesque villages

Price: from 1200 euro pro person


Minimum group size 4 persons


Cycling stages


Smari → Kasteli → Kastamonitsa → Lasithi plateau → Cave of Zeus → Tzermiadon → katharo→ Males
Distance: 73km - uphill: 2100 m   (one way)


Males → Christos → Metaxochori → Lapatha plateau → Afrodite → Omalos plateau → Viannos → Tsoutsouras
Distance: 64km - uphill: 1870 m   (one way)

Rio Grande

A round trip through Anadapodaris Canyon (The biggest river in Crete)
Distance: 47km - uphill: 1200 m (round trip)

Star Trail

Pyrgos → Sternes → Kofinas mountain → Kapetaniana → Tripiti canyon → Lentas
Distance: 62km - uphill: 2100 m (one way)


Lentas → Kali Limenes → Agiofarago canyon → Sivas → Matala
Distance: 46km - uphill: 1000 m - Downhill: 1000m (one way)


Rouvas Forest → Skinakas pass → Nida plateau → Ideo Andro → Zomynthos → Anogia→ Fodele beach
Distance: 71km - uphill: 2100m   (one way)

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