Mochos Classic

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Fodele Rogdia Vasilikos
7 June 2016
cyclist and metal door outdoors
29 June 2016
mochos classic feature image cyclists do stop at Mochos village

training, sightseeing and the best plaza in Crete

Start point
Analipsi Hersonisos
43.6 km
736m ↑ / 736m ↓
Max / Min points
421m / 4m
Finish point
Analipsi Hersonisos


  • the artificial lake of Aposelemis river
  • the view of Dikti mountains
  • The beautiful villages
  • the valley to Potamies
  • the easy uphill
  • the coffee stop at Mochos plaza
  • the downhill to Stalis
  • the breathtaking view


The best combination of bike training and sightseeing.

This is our number 1 recommendation for the competitive cyclists who want to do an easy training of 2-3 hours and see the beautiful countryside around Hersonisos as also for the recreational cyclists who do not care for fast times but just to explore the best of the area.

Our recommendation is to do this tour counterclockwise especially in the summer. The uphill section is not so steep and you see all the traditional villages in the beginning of the tour when it is cooler. When you will arrive at Mochos village and the weather is hotter stop at the square for refreshments and then do the amazing downhill, admire the nice view and let the breeze of the sea to cool you.

You will pass the valley of Aposelemis river and see the ruins of the ancient Roman aqueduct that transferred in the past the water from the mountains to Hersonisos. Stop at aposelemis lake and see Sfendili sinking village, the new Atlantis of Crete. Pass through Avdou and Gonies villages, at the slopes of Dikti Mountain, and at Mochos village stop at one of the taverns, at the big square with the old church, and drink a fresh squeezed orange juice or coffee. Before you ride again on your bike refill your water bottles and ride again your bikes for an amazing downhill to Stalis.

Attention: After Mochos ride all the way down to Stalis and then from the old road back to start point. Avoid the highway. There is a tunnel, the road is not wide and the cars go fast.

...and explore Crete from your own!


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