Giro di Mochos

cyclists rides uphill to Katharo Plateau
10 July 2016
chochloi mpoumpouristoi
Maria Vasiliki tavern
16 July 2016

Xinochodros and mouzoudia

Start point
8,8 km
141m ↑ / 141m ↓
Max / Min points
472m / 362m
Finish point


Mochos village that was in the past the biggest village of pediada province is no longer as popular as the seafront Stalis, the port of Mochos where most villagers moved because of the tourism. But it is one of the most beautiful villages of Crete, with its small narrow streets, the traditional stone houses and a beautiful paved square with cafes and taverns exactly as it should be all the villages on Crete.

The small plateau of Mochos is a huge olive grove with ancient trees, many of them are over 500 years old. At the south side there are a few vineyards and at the eastern slopes grazing sheep and goats of the few shepherds that produce an amazing cheese, kefalotiri, which you should definitely taste. At the northern slopes are still standing, like awake guards, the stone wind mills that once grind the villagers grain, and just below the ruins of the threshing floors (right next to the road that this cycling tour passes). In the plateau there is the small lake Ligaras where if you are lucky you might see a Grey Heron.

The bike tour has absolutely no difficulty and is ideal for those who want to start mountain biking or for small children. The route follows the rural dirt roads inside the plateau of Mochos. A short climb leads to a hill with nice view of Dikti Mountains and Aposelemis Lake, then an easy descent on a concrete road and back to Mochos. Anyone who does not have the strength to do the short climb up to 475 meters can return to Mochos through the rural roads in the plateau but will not have the chance to admire the spectacular views from the highest point.

During the summer months the taverns around the square organize every Wednesday night a Cretan Night with live Cretan music and dancers, you can combine an afternoon cool mountain bike tour with a traditional Cretan fiesta. At 15 of August the locals organize a big Cretan fiesta while at carnival their custom ‘Xinochondros and Mouzoudia’. At Mochos there is a small folklore museum which opens upon only request.

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Single track

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