The best maps of Crete

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1 June 2016
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Fodele Rogdia Vasilikos
7 June 2016
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1 June 2016
vasilikos mountain bike tour Crete feature image
Fodele Rogdia Vasilikos
7 June 2016

The best maps of Crete for cyclists and hikers


Although there is a big variety of free map applications and navigation programs, the best way to plan a route or discover a place is with a printed map. Even if you use a gps you must have a map especially when you travel at places that are unknow for you.

Apart from the advertising maps given free and the maps with a resolution smaller than 1:100.000 the best maps for Crete are sold from the companies Anavasi, Terrain, Road and Orama

maps with scale 1:100.000

Cycling and hiking maps (scale higher that 1:50.000)

Anavasi hiking map

The “must have” maps for everybody who want to hike on the big mountains of Crete. There are no other maps with so many paths and so many hiking information. The graphics are perfect and easy to read. The recommended tips and advices about hiking routes are very useful and reliable. They are maps and travel guides. A very important feature for cyclists and hikers is that they show the fountains.

Unfortunately anavasi issues only seven maps that do not cover the whole Crete. The scale of each map is big 1: 25.000, 1:30.000 or 1: 35.000 and covers only the main mountains of Crete. At these areas we can do some of the best mountain biking tours. (The map of the White Mountains, Sfakia / Pachnes, is practically useless for bikers as it covers the most mountainous area of Crete with almost no rural roads but too many rough paths.)

All maps have two sides. On the first side is the map with the contour lines. On the back side is the map without contour lines but with many tips and routes about the E4 path which is more distinct.The maps for Asterousia Mountains and Sitia-Vai have two sides with map of different area, West & East Asterousia and North & South Sitia region.

Although for the high mountains and the paths there is no other maps with so many details and information, at lower altitude hills and rural areas lots of main roads are not depicted which is weird for such a map. For these areas the hiking maps of Road are better.

They are water & tear resistant and easy to fold and unfold.
The maps are more useful for hikers and mountaineers.

Road cartography Trekking Map

Our choice for mountain bikers. The scale of these maps is very big and depict more roads than any other map. The road network they cover is huge. They are recently updated and they depict even the most recently constructed roads. The maps recommend some cycling routes (red dotted line) but they copied them from our site.

The fact that they cover the whole Crete and not only the big mountains, make them more useful for mountain bikers who ride long distances.

The graphics are very good, but the choice of colors depending on the altitude are not as good as anavasi maps.

Orama hiking maps are useful and for people who want to do an off road jeep safari but if you want to do a tour around Crete through main asphalt roads it is more practical and cheaper to buy the 1:100.00 maps (although they do not provide the same information).

All maps have two sides with map of different area at each side. The E4 path is very easy to find and follow (black thick line). A feature of the map we like is the symbol that shows the location of each city or village which varies according to the population.

The maps are printed on high quality water & tear resistant paper which is easy to fold and unfold.

The only drawback we found on these maps is their layout in order to cover the island, mainly the western Crete (maps 401, 402, 403 και 404)

comparison table

Anavasi Terrain Road Orama selena Harms verlang Road Hiking Avavasi Hiking
Scale 1:100.000 1:100.000 1:100.000 1:100.000 1:100.000 1:100.000 1:50.000 1:25.000-35.000
maps of Crete 3 3 2 3 3 2 6 7
weight (* with cover) 62(84*) 61(76*) 102 96 77 66(76*) 66(76*) 61
Dimensions folded 13,1x24cm 12,7x25cm 13,1x25,3cm 13x24,5cm 14,3x23,2cm 11x22,5cm 10x24,2cm 12,8x22,8cm
Dimensions open 67,9x95cm 67,2x97,8cm 67,9x97,8cm 68,5x97,6cm 68,8x98,6cm 67,3x97,8m 68x97,5m 67,4x97,6cm
GPS compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
water & tear resistant Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
contour lines 100m 100m 100m 100m 50m 50m 100m/20m 100m/20m
activities E4 path routes with elevation profile and details secured canyoning routes, scenic routes scenic routes -- hiking routes hiking routes, scenic routes cycling routes, scenic routes hiking routes, climbing sectors
Price 8 € 7 € 7,5 € 7,2 € 5,7 € 10 € 5,97 € 7-8 €
Price digital map for GPS 5 € per map 14,99 € all Crete -- -- -- -- -- 5 € per map