Lyttos Test Triathlon 5/9/2021

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8 July 2021
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2 October 2021
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Lyttos test Triathlon 5/9/2021

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The event will take place on Sunday 5/9/2021 at Lyttos beach hotel Analipsi of Hersonisos.
-Start time of the event. 9:30
-All athletes have to come to Cycling Creta bike center and bring their equipment from 7:30 to 8:45 in the morning of 5/9/2021
-All the athletes have to register until Friday 3/9/2021 at 19:00
-In order to Register fill in the contact form of Cycling Creta . At the subject field you have to fill in "Test Triathlon 5/9/2021".

Participation fee: zero

Swimming course

The swimming sport will take place in the Olympic sized swimming pool of Lyttos beach Hotel.

The athletes who will participate the sprint Triathlon will swim 15 rounds.

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Cycling course

Sprint triathlon distance route

The route for the cycling sport is from Lyttos beach hotel, to the main road EO90 and then we follow the signs to Plateau. At the junction of Potamies Village (11th kilometer) the cyclists have to do carefully a U-turn and return back.

The cycling race takes place on public roads with car traffic. All the athletes are responsible to ride safely and stop the bike to check for cars when they pass cross junctions. The event is not an official race and there is no prize and no time recording. The Athletes have to slow down their bike at junctions or stop at STOP signs to avoid accidents.

All the riders have to ride more carefully at this sections:
-500m from Lyttos, the cross road to enter the main road EO90. STOP!!!
-The 360 degrees turn at Potamies village (11th kilometer) in order to return back.
-The juntion of Hersonissos-Kasteli (on the old road). STOP!!!!!

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Running route

The running course starts from the transition zone outside of ou rbike center. The Athletes will run towards outside of the entrance of Lyttos Beach hotel and then left following the street that goes to the beach. Then they will follow the street next to sea direction west until they reach Aposelemis river estuary and back.

The athletes of the Sprint triathlon distance will run this route 1 time

The running race takes place on public roads with car traffic and pedestrians. All the athletes are responsible to run safely on the side of the road and respect the walkers.

For the personal safety of the athletes and public health reasons, all participants and their escorts at the starting points, finish points and transition zones, before the start of the race, must maintain the minimum distances and wear a mask when necessary.

In the subjest field fill in "Test Triathlon 5/9/2021".

Registration until Friday 3/5/2021 untill 19:00

Participation fee: zero


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