Kofinas Tripiti downhill

kofinas koudoumas
Kofinas Koudoumas downhill
30 March 2016
bike shorts chamois creme
Chamois cream
7 April 2016

Maybe the most beautiful mountain bike downhill on Crete.

Start point
17.4 km
83m ↑ / 1141m ↓
Max / Min points
1048m / 0m
Finish point
Tripiti beach


  • Kofinas mountain
  • kapetaniana village
  • 17 kilometers of downhill
  • the wild but beautiful Asterousia mountains
  • Tripitis canyon
  • the canyon of Aghios Savas
  • Tripiti beach


The first part of the route from Kofinas to Kapetaniana is impressive with beautiful view but the magic begins after Agia Moni church. Once you pass the narrow pass next to the cliffs the view of the Libyan Sea combined with the barren and rugged landscape of Asterousia mountains will enchant you. The rocks, the gorge and the olive forest of Aghios Savvas, the endless view, the scents of thyme and sage.The culmination of the route the pass from the narrow canyon of Tripiti.

In several places the road is loose, slow down before the turns so that you will not go out of the road.
In Tripiti beach is open from mid-April to mid-October, the tavern-cafe Mathios, which we recommend for coffee or lunch.
The most beautiful months for this descent is June, the mountains have worn their best, the violet of the thyme.
the description is only for the downhill section. If you want to go back by bike refill all your bottles wilth water. The uphill is difficult and you must be in very good fitness condition

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