Kofinas Treis Ekklisies downhill

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14 April 2016
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28 April 2016


Start point
16.73 km
83m ↑ / 1125m↓
Max / Min points
1048m / 0m
Finish point
Treis Ekklisies


  • the rocky Asterousia mountains
  • the fast downhill
  • Abas water fall
  • the vultures
  • the amazing view
  • Mesosfini canyon
  • Abas canyon
  • the crystal clear water of Libyan sea


The road from Kofinas to Paranimphi village is wide and fast. From Paranimfi you can descend to Treis Ekklisies from the west or the east road. The locals use the west road because is better and wider (Since 2018 the western road is paved with aspalt all the way from Paranimfoi down to the beach). The eastern road is almost abandoned and steeper, especially at the last 500 meters before you reach the sea. Some times of the year you can pass this last section only with a mountain bike.

No matter which downhill you choose the view is fantastic. The serpentine road on the rough rocks of Asterousia and the Libyan sea will charm you. Our recommendation is descent from the west road and ascent from the east road for the cyclists who don't have downhill experience and vice versa for those who prefer a more exciting downhill.

Treis Ekklisies (three churches) is a small seasonal settlement next to the sea that owns it's name to the three churches of the village. Although it is not the most beautiful village in Crete the surrounding area, the canyons and the beaches are magnificent. In summer months at the village are open small taverns where you can taste some Cretan meze, drink a coffee or refill your water bottle.

Tip: Just 1.5 Km from Paranimfi village is located the highest waterfall in Crete. Abas is an impressive 140 meters water fall which is active from October to April. The rest of the year there is o water but the view to Treis Ekklisies village and Abas canyon is amazing.

the description is only for the downhill section. If you want to go back by bike refill all your bottles wilth water. The uphill is difficult and you must be in very good fitness condition

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