Kofinas Koudoumas downhill

kofinas and cyclist long
The downhills of Kofinas mountain
18 March 2016
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Kofinas Tripiti downhill
31 March 2016
kofinas koudoumas

1040 meters of pure downhill. The biggest mountain bike descent in Crete that ends at the sea level

Start point
Kofinas mountain
1108m ↑ / 78m ↓
Max / Min points
1048m / 10m
Finish point
Koudoumas monastery


  • the mount Kofinas
  • the view of Asterousia mountains
  • The Koudoumas pine forest
  • the wild goats
  • the breathtaking view of Libyan sea
  • Koudoumas monastery
  • the crystal clear water of Koudoumas beach
  • the endless downhill


We start from Kofinas and ride towards the east. In the large crossroad we go right and ascend a short uphill. From this point at 1040 meters(altitude) starts an endless descent to the sea. It is the biggest mountain bike downhill in Crete that ends to the sea without any uphill on a very wide but loose dirt road. Impossible for somebody to do the whole downhill without a stop. Even if you withstand the vibrations of the stony road, it is hard to resist the magical view of Asterousia mountains and Libyan Sea. The view to the east reaches up to Viannos and Dikti mountains, to the west impresses the Wild cliffs of Kofinas mountain and the pine forest of Koudoumas, to the south the endless blue.
The downhill ends at Koudoumas Monastery where there is water to refill the bottles or you can ask for a coffee. If the weather is good the crystal clear water of the sea will call you to swim. Do not swim naked and wear your clothes if you visit the monastery.
the description is only for the downhill section. If you want to go back by bike refill all your bottles wilth water. The uphill is difficult and you must be in very good fitness condition

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Dirt road

Single track

Carrying / pushing

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