Kofinas Ai Giannis downhill

bike shorts chamois creme
Chamois cream
7 April 2016
Crete’s greatest mountain bike climbs
10 April 2016
kofinas mountain Ai Giannis


Start point
12.88 km
26m ↑ / 1071m ↓
Max / Min points
1048m / 3m
Finish point
Ai Giannis


  • kapetaniana village
  • the salt pans on the rocks
  • the serpentine road
  • Ai Giannis monastery
  • the view of Libyan sea
  • Eligias and Ai giannis beaches
  • the downhill sections


The smallest descent from Kofinas to sea level with a short uphill section and breathtaking view . Like the downhill to Tripiti the section from Kofinas to Kapetaniana passing through Lousoudi area is amazing, with Kapetaniana, one of the most picturesque villages of Crete to adorn the landscape. The most beautiful part of the route is the section after the antennas below Kapetaniana. The serpentine road between Eligias or Valacha canyon and Goulas canyon will amaze even the most demanding rider.

In Agios Ioannis you can visit the old monastery in the cave or swim at the beach. The sandy beach Eligia east of Agios Ioannis village is more beautiful but there is no cafe and you must carry the bikes.

Agios Ioannis is the most famous village of Crete for the sea salt that locals collect from the salt pans carved onto the rocks next to the sea. At Agios Ioannis there are cafes-taverns and rooms to let.

the description is only for the downhill section. If you want to go back by bike refill all your bottles wilth water. The uphill is difficult and you must be in very good fitness condition

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Asphalt road

Dirt road

Single track

Carrying / pushing

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