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Cycling is a beauty
25 March 2017
the climate of Crete
The climate of Crete
29 October 2017

The winner of the cycling jersey is number 051 George Golfis from Agrinio congratulations George

The winner of the cycling jersey will result from the drawing of Laiko lottery of 13.06.2017. The winner will emerge from the last three numbers of the five-digit number of the Laiko lottery.

The members of CyclingCreta STRAVA club who did at least 1 activity until Sunday 4.6.2017 (when the contest ended) were 97. The riders who rode at least 260 kilometers were 14. The riders who did more than 260 kilometers have two entries, for example the participant number 5 have the entries 5 and 102(97+5). In total there are 111 entries.

To make the draw fair all the members will have in total 9 entries (18 entries for the riders who did more than 260 kilometers). For example the rider number 50 have the entries 161(50+111), 272(161+111), 383(272+111) …… 494, 605, 716, 827,938.
If the lucky number is 000 the winner will be the number 1 who did and the most kilometers of all.

It is a little bit complicated but it is fair

Good luck


Crete is 260 km long from east to west.

Join CyclingCreta STRAVA club

Do your training and ride at least 260 kilometers in total during the last week of May (29 May -4 June 2017)

Participate in our contest and win a short-sleeve bicycle jersey of CyclingCreta.

the gift will be sent anywhere in the world

All members that will do even one activity participate in the contest. Those who will ride at least 260 km have an extra entry.


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