How to choose a bike hotel for sport and family vacations

uphill to lasithi plateau kritsa Crete
The great climb of Kritsa
29 April 2016
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Gouves Haraso
4 May 2016

How to choose a bike hotel for sport and family vacations

Whether you are an athlete and want to start your cycling training for the new season, whether you want to experience a cycling adventure with your friends at a remote destination or just to combine cycling and family vacations, you should choose a hotel that has all those services and facilities that will ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable stay. You must not have concern issues such as where to find bicycle trails, good and reliable bikes to rent, what will do my family while I'm away, etc. and if you decide to travel with your bike what happens if there is a mechanical problem or where to keep it.
the work shop of cyclingcreta at Hersonissos. Haibike xduro limited ebike on bike stand

proffessional equiped bike workshop

the hotel must have a workshop with all the essential bike tools and a mechanic that can service even the most difficult bike problem. The workshop of cyclingcreta bike center is the most advanced bike workshop you can find in a hotel.
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Guided bike tours

a professional mountain bike guide can take you to places that are difficult for you to find. A bike guide can explain the history, the traditions, and the ethics of the area and give lots of information about the local plants, the nature and culture.

Bike rental

High quality bikes that works perfectly. When you rent a bike from our bike center you get also for free all the equipment you need.
the stand with shimano bike parts at Moraitis bike shop

Spare parts and equipment

In our workshop we have many essential bicycle parts. In 1-2 working days we can purchase more specific bike parts from the store we cooperate in Heraklion.
the room for your bikes

Bike parking

When you visit a hotel with your own bike the only thing that you want for your bike is to be safe. We have a bike garage where you can secure your own bike and nobody can still or damage it. We can give you also a lock.
cyclingcretabike wash at Lyttos beach bikes and sports hotel crete kreta

Bike wash

a place where you can wash a bike, cleaning agents, cleaning tools and bike lubricants.
our cycling map for the area of Hersonisos Crete

Maps and information

Good maps of the area with tours and interesting places that you can visit with the bike. We have special maps of the area with tours, gps devices with tours starting from the hotel and all the essential information to live your own bike adventure.
real massage after a big climb


for the best recovery of the muscles after an intense exercise.
sauna after a mountain bike tour


Sauna helps relieve pain due to the endorphins produced during use. Saunas help reduce lactic acids and toxins released during training and help increase the flow of blood throughout the body, so that the muscles feel rejuvenated.
the hotel gym at Hersonisos Crete


the strength training with weights is necessary for all sports especially during the preparation period before the racing season. The gym should be equipped with exercise machines for all muscles. The gym of Lyttos beach Hotel has machines of the Technogym company to exercise all the muscles of your body.
the best hotel for triathletes with 50 meters olympic swimming pool


the triathletes to complete their training are not enough just to ride, they must also run and swim. The Lyttos beach Hotel except that is located right next to an amazing beach has an Olympic size swimming pool and treadmills in the gym. Also 2 km east and 2 kilometers west of the hotel stretch a pedestrian walkway by the sea ideal for running.
main restaurant lyttos beach hotel

Healthy cuisine

The diet of the athletes as well as their training is demanding, for best results their meals must be healthy, tasty and rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
energy drinks for recovery after cycling

Energy drinks

for hydration and energy during your workout.
bike books library

Bike library

a selection of cycling magazines and book. In our library you will find several cycling magazines and books to read.
animaters paints kids face

Family and children

If you combine cycling and family vacations do not worry whether the rest of your family have the same fun as you when you or your partner are absent for training or for your mountain bike tour. In Lyttos Beach Hotel adults and children never get bored. Spa, sauna, massage, refreshing cocktails in the bar, fitness classes, animation team, big water slides, children's water slides, playground, kindergarten, relax pool, Jacuzzi, beach in front of the hotel with lifeguard and many other sports and activities will entertain them during your absence.