Gone with the Air Strava challenge

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The cyclist of the future
14 March 2018
cyclingcreta strava giveqawy n1 conitinental race sport tyres
n1 June 2018 – Continental 29er tyres
19 June 2018

And the winner is number 32

Congratulations, number 32 is our athlete superman superman.

Please contact us at info@cyclingcreta.gr to get your gift

The members of CyclingCreta STRAVA club who did at least 2000 meters of total climb until Sunday 25.03.2018 (when the contest ended) were 82.

The winner of the the Topeak Smarthead Digital Gauge D2 will result from the drawing of Laiko lottery of 3 April 2018. The winner will emerge from the last two numbers of the five-digit number of the Laiko lottery. (digits 4 and 5)

If the last two digits of Laiko Lottery lucky number are from 83 to 00, then we will check the digits 3 and 4. If we do not have again a winner then we will check digits 2 and 3.

For example:
If the lucky number is 12345 then the winner will be athlete number 45 in our leaderboard.
If the lucky number is 56789 then the winner will be the athlete number 78 because there is no athlete number 89

It is a little bit complicated but it is fair

Good luck

Gone with the Air.

Join CyclingCreta STRAVA club

Do your training and climb at least 2000 meters in total during the week of march (19 March - 25 March 2018)

Participate in our challenge and win our favorite air presure gauge tool, the Topeak Smarthead Digital Gauge D2.

the gift will be sent anywhere in the world

In case there are more than 100 persons who did more than 2000 meters and you do not see your name in the leaderboard please send us an email with your name and total climb so we can add your name in the contest.


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