Facts about Crete

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The island was first referred as Kaptara. The name Crete appears in Homer's Odyssey.

Crete is 260km from east to west. 60Km is the widest part and 12km the most narrow.

there are more than 200 canyons

Gourgouthakas at white mountains is the deepest cave in Greece,1208 m, 44th worldwide

worldwide there are only 84 cave deeper than 1000 meters

the coastline of Crete is 1046 km

in 365 AD an earthquake raised the western part of Crete 9 meters

snowfall is common on high mountains

from November to May

every 1.000 years Crete grows 1 cm higher by the dust that comes from Sahara with south winds

there are about 1750 plants

160 of them grow only in Crete