Why to ride a tour with an E-bike


'You can bring exactly the same performance on the e-bike as you would on a normal bike. And at the same time you will be rewarded with more high meters and more kilometers.'

EMTB magazin Germany issue 2/2018

Our bike tours are an exploration of the Cretan nature. With the ebike you are more focused on enjoying the landscape than struggling to climb the steep Cretan hills.


Faster, Farther, Higher...


For whom is the e-bike tour

The ebike tour is for everyone

For the bike enthusiast who wants to do training but make it faster and easier when the hills are getting steeper and the sun warmer

For the bigginer cyclist who wants to ride more kilometers and see more. Crete is not flat and with hills up to 25% this is the best way to explore it

For all the Fellowship
who wants to ride alltogether the same tour and stay together no matter the distance and the fitness of each one


Quiet, powerful and comfortable our electric mountain bikes will take you to places that are difficult to reach with other vehicles no matter the terrain and temperature.

Reaction Hybrid Pro, comfortable ride - safe handling.
Powerful Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX (75Nm) Cruise (250Watt) motor.
Bosch performance purion, all the controls on your hands.
Bosch PowerPack 500. With 500Wh battery capacity you do not have to worry how far you can go.