DIY shimano hollowtech crank extractor

custom Shimano hollowtech crank holder from cyclingcreta 2-min
DIY shimano hollowtech crank holder
21 April 2020
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29 April 2020
shimano Hollowtech crank extractor tool cyclingcreta 1-min

DIY Shimano hollowtech crack extractor tool

This is a tool I made to extract the shimano hollowtech cranks from the bottom bracket. Normally when I remove the cranks a rubber hammer is enough. This tool is usefull in case of a stuck crank. It makes the work super easy, fast and does not harm the cranks or any other part of the bike
Depending on the riding conditions (normally this happens to mountain bikes) and if you do not remove your cranks to do any kind of service a lot of dirt is gathered at the left side of the crank axle (as you can see in the next foto). Because of all this dirt the cranks are stuck and can not pass through the bottom bracket.

In the past I had to punch the axle with a rubber hammer and when the axle was in the bottom bracket I used to carefully punch the chainrings from the inside (on the screws). Whith this tool I just screw it on the non drive side of the cranks and I punch it with a rubber or even better with a metal hammer.

Tip: when I have removed the cranks I always clean the dirt from the axle with a DREMEL (I use a brush which removes only the dirt and rust and no material from the axle)

How I made the tool

All the work is made by a professional lathe machinist
In the next image you can see the dimensions on the tool. The shaft is made from steel.