DIY shimano hollowtech crank holder

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21 April 2020
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DIY shimano hollowtech crank extractor
22 April 2020

DIY Shimano hollowtech crack holder tool

This is one of my favorite DIY tools to use. It is very easy to make, very cheap and very useful. The tool fits all the current Shimano hollowtech cranks and it does not scratch them.

I always use this tool when I replace the chainrings of the Shimano hollowtech cranks. I clamp the tool on a bench vise and then I place the cranks on it. The tool holds the cranks steady as I unscrew the bolts to change the rings. The crank shaft seats on the bearing and I can twist it so that I have easy access to all bolts.

How I made the tool

I made it with used parts and it did not costet me a cent but if you buy all the parts that you need it will cost less than 6euro.

What you need to make the tool
1. A 20mm diameter 15 cm long wooden rod
2. A 8mm diameter 20 cm long aluminium Rod
3. A 22mm outer diameter and 8mm inner diameter bearing.
With a 8mm drill for wood you make a hole at the center of the wooden shaft. Then you cut the shaft in two pieces one 10cm and one 5cm long shaft. The long shaft must be 10cm in order to fit perfectly inside the crank axle and the small shaft must be 5cm or a little longer so that the crank does not hit the vise as you twist it. With the drill you make the hole on the long shaft even deeper but not all the way to the end. You stick the aluminium rod in the long shaft, then you fit the bearing and at the end the shorter wooden shaft. Your tool is ready to use.