Combine your hobby with mountain biking

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17 March 2016
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The downhills of Kofinas mountain
18 March 2016

Combine your hobby with mountain biking


Mountain biking is not just a sport it's a very enjoyable activity.The great advantage of mountain biking compared to other sports is that we can cycle too many kilometers with our own power and visit places which are inaccessible by other motorized vehicles. We are in direct contact with nature, we can make as many stops as we want without delay, as well as to carry a lightweight equipment. Bicycles are quiet, do not disturb the animals, do not pollute and do not destroy the natural environment. Therefore the mountain bike is the ideal way to enjoy our Hobby or any other activity in nature.


Active Hobbies

Swimming: discover with a bicycle even the most isolated and hard to reach beaches.

Trail running: as with swimming cycling should be a warm up.

Rock climbing: We have to carry all the necessary equipment. There is a climbing area in the Skotino cave (Gouves) just 40 minutes from cyclingcreta bike center. Follow the track with the green arrows and find the climbing area

Caving: there are two amazing caves located about 40 minutes of cycling, from Cyclingcreta bike center. Skotino cave and Kalo Chorio cave. Starting from Lyttos Beach Hotel we follow the green arrows (green track) to Skotino Cave. The red track passes just 100 meters from the cave Kalo Chorio.

Cross fit: Get your equipment find a beautiful place and make your workout. A location with a beautiful view 20-30 minutes by bike without difficult climbs is ideal.

Watching-collecting Hobbies

Bird watching: mountain bike does no noise and takes you closer to the birds. The estuary of Aposelemis river 2 km from Cyclingcreta bike center and the new artificial lake of Aposelemi (15 km distance) are significant wetlands and host several water birds. In the canyon of Aposelemis you have the opportunity to observe the vultures nesting in the steep rocks.

Discovering flowers: With more than 2000 plant species of which 200 are endemic, Crete is the ideal place to combine this Hobby with mountain biking.

Butterflies hunting: attention do not chase butterflies while cycling

Urban exploration: Even in the cities and villages mountain bike predominates. Explore a city, search for old monuments, buildings, bridges, museums, parks. Get lost through the narrow streets of the villages and discover the traditional way of life.

Outdoor photography: just be careful and keep your camera in your backpack while riding the bike to avoid losing the photo camera or damage it.

Snorkeling and fishing: no heavy equipment required. Find a beautiful beach and explore the depths or relax while fishing.

Geology: collect rocks and mineral specimens from their natural environment. Do not overdo it, the extra weight makes cycling difficult.

Collect herbs: Crete has a huge variety of herbs. The herbs are picked for personal use and not to sell them. Do not collect more than 100 grams per species. Do not uproot and do not destroy plants, cut a few branches from each plant.

Find free food in the country side: Learn what to look for, how to find mushrooms, fruits and wild plants that are good to eat. Do not cut plants and fruits from gardens and cultivated fields.

Beachcombing: It includes a walk along a beach looking for anything interesting left to the beach. You can find seashells, stones, or interesting shape of floating timber.

Camping: bit difficult to carry all our equipment on the bike. A little bit easier if we share the vacation with someone else.

Always have a lock to secure the bike as you do your hobby and do not move far away from it, in order not to go back home by foot.