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How to make a cable guide for a bike.


A cheap but effective way to manage the cables of a bicycle is by using plastic cable ties.

This is very useful if the cable guides of the frame are destroyed, if you want to install a remote lockout fork or rear shock, to mount a remote operated drop seat post, to manage the cables of the bike or to avoid cables rub on the frame.

You can build a cable guide using a cable tie and a metal washer.
The cable ties and the washers are cheap and you can buy them at tool-stores in various sizes.
The washer must have a hole diameter so that the cable tie can pass through it twice. The cable tie must be so long so that can wrap the cable and then the frame, the fork etc
We use cable ties 360mm long and 4,5mm wide which are suitable even for bike frames with enormous tubes. For the washer we recycle old chains,we break them and we take the washers of the links.


1. Pass the cable tie through the washer
2. Wrap the cable and pass it again through the washer
3. Wrap the frame, fork etc and tighten it
4. With a small cutter cut the excess cable tie



Depending on the cable you want to guide you can tighten the cable tie so that the cable does not move or you can let it loose so that the cable can move through the loop. For example if you mount a remote controlled seat post you must create a loop which is bigger than the remote cable. The same you must do when you guide the cables next to the moving links on a full suspension bike and you want to avoid the friction of the cable and the frame.

To manage the cables in front of the handle bar
To create a single or multiple cable guides on a frame with destroyed guides. To pass the cables from an other way or to to avoid cable rub on frame.
To create a loose cable guide for a remote controlled drop post on older frame without pre installed guides.

To guide the rear gear cable closer to frame and protect it from the branches