Bike rental and GPS routes at Stalida (Stalis) Crete

Seaside tourist town for family vacation.

Stalida is one of the newest cities of Crete and owes its growth to tourism. Until 1960 it was just the coastal place where the inhabitants of the mountain village Mochos grow their vegetables and kept their sheep during the winter months. Today the city is one of the famous touristic areas of Crete. Unlike its neighbor towns Malia and Hersonissos, Stalis is known for family and quiet holiday but is not lacking in nightlife, cafes and taverns.


How do I find good cycling routes at Stalida Crete?


Is Stalida good for cycling?

Stalida is situated between the coast and a vertical rocky mountain. For every bike ride you have to ride first some kilometers direction east, west or climb 400 meters until you reach Mochos village (south). This section from Stalida to Mochos (uphill or downhill) with panoramic breathtaking views is one of our favorite in Crete and we use it for several of our bike tours.

You the road cyclists have to ride first some kilometers on the old road EO90 until you start your tour to the Cretan countryside where there is almost no traffic. The old road EO90 has more traffic as you ride direction west to Heraklion. Direction east to Agios Nikolaos the traffic is limited. We avoid riding on the north Cretan high way on which cycling is not allowed.

For the mountain bikers there are no mountain biking routes starting directly from Stalida. You can find many off road trails east after Malia and Sissi area or west at Gouves, but you will find a mountain bike paradise after you reach Mochos village at the northern foothills of Dikti Mountains and around Aposelemis Lake.