The name Malia derives from the place name Omalos>Omalia> Malia = flat area. Malia town is Situated at a flat area next to the sea at the north foot hills of Selena mountain (Dikti massif). Although the area of Malia is flat it is surrounded from big mountains (south and west) and smaller hills at the eastern side.

If you are a mountain biker there lots of routes to follow moving direction east. You can enjoy an easy ride at the paths next to Malia palace and swim at the crystal clear water of Potamos beach one of the best at the area and a perfect place to finish your bike tour and get rid of the summer dust. Do some more kilometers around Anavlocho mountain, visit the abandoned monastery Vrachasotis or Xera Xila and test your strength at the super rocky road up to Azilakoi forest (a unique in Greece Holm oak forest at the slopes of Selena mountain). It worth to visit the villages of Sisi, Milatos and Vrachasi. 2 kilometers east of Malia is located one of the three greatest Minoan Palaces of Crete. The Palace of the Minoan King Sarpidon , son of Zeus and Europa and brother of King Minoas. If you like singletrails riding you can ascent to Mochos village and then follow a very rocky path back to Malia.

For the road cycling lover there are many options especially if you like climbs. The climb to Lasithi plateau is one of the most spectacular in Crete but we recommend you to ascent from Stalida village and come back from Krasi to make it a little bit easier. You can visit also the area of west Merabello (Elounda and Agios Nikolaos) but avoid the high way. A challenge that most cyclist will love is the round of Selena mountain, serpentine roads, picturesque villages and amazing mountain views.

Tip if you wish to test some real local Cretan cuisine visit the canteen of Mrs Georgia 2km east of Malia before the junction to Sisi.

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