The Great Castle.

Heraklion the ancient port of Knossos, the Chandax for the Arabs, the Candia for the Venetians. The big Castle the capital City of Crete Island. Heraklion is located on the north coast of Crete at an area surrounded by fertile hills with vineyards, olive trees and dozens of large and smaller villages just a few kilometers from the city.

The high mountains of Crete Psiloritis and Dikti are too far away from Heraklion. The nearest mountain although relatively low is Youchtas or Giouchtas (809 meters). The holy mountain of the ancient inhabitants of the island who believed that here is buried Zeus, rises as a sleepless giant guard south of the city and the view for those who succeed to climb to the top, amazing.

Despite the absence of big mountains the bike tours starting from Heraklion are not particularly easy. Most roads that lead to the villages are quite steep and the numerous valleys make the riding from village to village difficult. Most of the hills around the city consist of a white soil which wet turns into a glue, nightmare for mountain bikers. But the large road network and the dozens of villages around the city offer several routes with many points of interest as well as numerous cafes and restaurants for refueling and rest.
Due to the large size of the city and the high car traffic we recommend to start your bike tour outside of the city by transferring your bike on a car rack which can be provided from the cyclingcreta with your bike.




...and explore Heraklion area on your own!