Bike rental and GPS routes at Gouves Crete

The settlement of Gouves consists of two villages “Ano Gouves” and “Kato Gouves”. “Ano Gouves” is the old village located higher on the hills south of the new Highway of Crete and opposite of the mount Ederi. Mount Ederi was known also as “Mickey Mouse Mountain” because of the two enormous round radars on the top of it, which was used from The Americansin the past to spy USSR.

“Kato Gouves” is the lower village north of the old national road EO90 and it started to grow the last decades because of the tourism. Here are located all the big hotels and small apartments, the bars, shops and most restaurants of the area. It extends west of the former US base camp until the Aposelemi River to the east. Here is located also one of the few beautiful coastal roads in Crete.


How do I find good cycling routes at Gouves Crete?


Is Gouves good for cycling?